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An Independent Christian Day School | 亚特兰大, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | 亚特兰大, GA

Creative vision comes to life.

See the world in new ways.

From kindergarten through twelfth grade, the visual and performing arts at 西敏寺 are designed to help students develop skills to observe and interpret the world. Our students' work is impressive, but it's actually the process of creativity we value the most. 通过它, students build far-reaching cultural literacy, 创造性的信心, and skills of self-expression.

艺术 at 西敏寺

Individual expression demands courage. So, our arts staff equips students to experiment, 承担风险, and to fail with the confidence they will succeed. 黏土. 演奏打击乐. 拥有一个舞台. Young artists at 西敏寺 refine 技术. But most importantly, they discover themselves.

"There is a deep and abiding passion for teaching the craft of the arts here but also an intense personal relationship that is developed with each of the students."

艺术 in the 较低的学校

Pre-first through fifth grade students are immersed in the worlds of performing and visual arts. Art is a place of re搜索 and discovery where children develop unique voices and interpret the world in which they live through an exciting and inspirational investigation of concepts, 技术, 和材料.

艺术 in the 中学

The arts department recognizes the importance of artistic development in each 中学 student. The curriculum becomes more sophisticated as student artistry evolves, including more groundwork in technique and integrated studies. 除频带, 合唱, 和戏剧 , students investigate painting, 雕塑, 摄影, 和数字图像.

艺术 in the 上学校

The 上学校 arts program strives to create a strong sense of discipline in the advanced learner but never stifles creativity or exploration. Students can explore their artistic talents through countless musical groups, 美联社类, and extracurricular activities.


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