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An Independent Christian Day School | 亚特兰大, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | 亚特兰大, GA


A Message from President Evans


After multiple years spent carefully creating a campus plan that will serve Wildcats now and in the future, construction on our initial projects is well under way. The hum of construction is at once a focus and a mere backdrop. 舞台的中心, 然而, remains occupied by the students and faculty who remind us why we began all of this planning years ago. I invite you to explore our campus plans and construction progress on these webpages.

We are grateful each day for a campus that feels like home, but we are also all too familiar with the obstacles it creates in achieving the collaborative learning environment that we know our students need and our teachers are eager to embrace. As such, the strategic plan approved by our Board of Trustees in May 2012, For College and for Life, plainly calls for spaces that are catalysts for the kind of innovative, collaborative work our students and faculty are embracing. 

Our campus is a living resource and evidence of the generosity of past generations. Our faithful stewardship will ensure this campus serves current and future Wildcats as effectively as it has those of past generations. The journey is shaping us in dynamic new ways—I look forward to celebrating the impact of these exciting changes with you!


Keith Evans, President


Evolving Spaces to Embrace Our Future.

To continue fulfilling the promise of our mission, our campus must be a teacher, 一个推动者, 和一个催化剂. With building projects already under way, our multi-year planning process has now come into reality. The renovation of Campbell Hall, the construction of a new 上学校 academic building, the creation of a community plaza near Alfred E. Thompson Stadium, and the construction of 驳船共用, bg真人的新“前门”," are projects that will catapult our campus into the future—a future our students and teachers are ready to welcome.


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